More house. Same payment.

With UCCU’s low interest rates and mortgage insurance rates, you could qualify for up to 14% more house than you could with other local lenders! Here’s how:

UCCU’s rates are just plain lower than the competition. An independent survey on 10/21/2016 of 30 lenders in our market showed that UCCU’s 30 year fixed rate mortgage was 0.375% lower than the group’s median interest rate.

When your down payment is less than 20%, you are typically required to pay for mortgage insurance. This can be a significant monthly expense that gets added into your payment. UCCU receives lower mortgage insurance rates than banks and mortgage companies, which can make a big difference in your monthly payment.

Call 801-223-7640 to speak to a mortgage expert today!

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How Good is Our 6.0% Credit Card?


You may be wondering, how good can a 6.0% Credit Card be? We can tell you, it’s awesome! Our 6.0% APR is not an introductory rate that will shoot up later. This low, variable rate will stay low, all year, every year. Our card also has no annual fees and is available on Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Wallet, and more!

So don’t hesitate, this offer expires at the end of 2016, so apply for your 6.0% credit card, right over the phone, or visit

*Credit card variable Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is based on the Prime Rate published in the Money Rates column of the Wall Street Journal. We will use the most recent index value available as of the 15th day of the month prior to any rate adjustment. If the index value is not already rounded we then round up to the next .25%. To determine the annual percentage rate that will apply to your account, we add a 2.5% margin to the value of the Index. Limited time offer. Federally insured by NCUA.
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Share Your Story Results!

As many of you know, as part of our 60th Anniversary Celebration, we offered members a chance to share their story for a chance to win some great prizes. We were overwhelmed by the amount of stories that were shared, and enjoyed reading all of them. We want to thank everyone to shared their story with us!

Since it was a competition, and we had some big prizes to give, join us in congratulating the top 10 winners and the prizes they won.


First Place:
Angela Eckstein – Winner of our SmartCar

Second Place:
Jennifer Hullinger – Disneyland Trip + $200 Gift Card

Third Place:
Bill McKnight – iPad Pro

4th: Jordan Gibby – 60” Smart TV
5th: Nathan Prawitt – Digital SLR Camera
6th: Michael Benedict – $600 Cash
7th: Sharla Anderson – GoPro
8th: Jared Korth – Apple Watch
9th: Derrick Wakamatsu – $200 Cash
10th: Jeff St. Clair – Amazon Fire TV Gaming Edition

Thanks again everyone for sharing your story as part of our 60th Anniversary.

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President's Message October 2016

The UCCU Financial Center is Now Open!  


The UCCU Financial Center located at Lehi freeway is now open. This building is in the heart of Lehi’s tech community, often referred to as Silicon Slope. Our full service branch located on the first floor, offers every financial service to our growing area. 

The ribbon cutting took place on Wednesday October 12th. “UCCU and this new building is remarkable”, Vale Hale the Executive Director of the Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED) said during the ribbon cutting ceremony, “It is fun to see UCCU’s progress over it’s 60 years. It has grown and flourished in the valley.”


We invite the public to visit the building this week to see the amazing views and also get cookies and a gift. The 5th floor will be open from 11 am to 6 pm until Friday October 21st. And also stop by the branch located on the 1st floor to see the mural of the Utah community painted by David Bueno, a local artist from Sandy. 



The credit union has been preparing for a computer system upgrade that will provide members with a faster, easier, and safer credit union experience – all while enabling UCCU to serve members more effectively.

We’re always looking for new and better ways to improve our member experience. The system upgrade will go live in April of 2017, and provide top-of-the-line banking technology to help members better manage money and spending on the go.

It’s a very exciting time at UCCU. The credit union continues to grow and grow stronger. And as it does, it’s critical that we not only maintain our ability to provide excellent, personal service to our members, but also continuously improve it. And this system upgrade will do just that. Look for more information as we approach the System Upgrade next year and learn about all of the enhancements coming soon.

Thank for being a member.

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Scary Financial Statistics to Avoid

Pumpkins with money signs.

While many enjoy being spooked at Halloween, what’s not so welcome are haunting feelings about a dark financial future. If your fear of finances is holding you back and you’re too frightened to brave the unknown, take a look at this list of financial statistics which suggests ways to avoid encountering a “scary” situation.

  • 67% of American workers have less than $50,000 saved for retirement. A worrisome number from a recent retirement survey that also revealed an even scarier statistic: 29% of Americans have less then $1,000 saved.1 The best way to get out of the dark here is to act now. Invest wisely and realize that saving money in a bank, for example, typically yields low returns. Instead, consider putting your money in a tax-deferred IRA account or 401(k) retirement account, especially if your employer matches contributions.
  • 25% of Americans making at least $100,000 live paycheck to paycheck.2 An alarming number of Americans, with what could be perceived as having lucrative jobs, still make poor financial decisions. For many, having more money equals more spending. Time to face your financial situation head-on. Practice making cuts in your monthly expenses to avoid living paycheck to paycheck while adding more to savings or investments that pay back. The more often you practice good spending habits the less scary and more fruitful your financial situation becomes.
  • Over 53% of Americans could not pay for an emergency that costs more than $400.3 This is a concerning statistic to think that the average American could not cover an unexpected expense, like a car breaking down or replacing a broken household appliance. General financial wisdom advocates establishing an emergency fund stocked with enough reserve cash to cover three to six months of living expenses. The best way to deal with this is to plan for the unexpected. If saving is an issue, consider setting up an automatic withdrawal from your paycheck to push more cash into savings.
  • Over 60% of parents feel more comfortable speaking to an advisor about finances than their adult children.4 Many families still struggle with financial conversations and today, more than ever, children are increasingly anxious about their finances. Don’t let your children make poor financial decisions that could seriously impact them—and possibly you—in the future. The best way to avoid this statistic is to involve them in appropriate financial conversations either at home or with a financial professional.

You don’t have to face the fear alone. Give Steve Lloyd at the UCCU Financial Group a call at 801.223.7502 if you’d like to schedule an appointment.

Securities and advisory services offered through Cetera Advisor Networks LLC, member FINRA/SIPC.

Cetera is under separate ownership from any other named entity.




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Builders Seeing the Bright Side


Builder confidence in September jumped to its highest level since October 2015 as reported in the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Housing Market Index. The Housing Market Index gauges builder perceptions of current single-family home sales and sales expectations for the next six months. The survey also asks builders to rate traffic of prospective buyers. All three components moved higher in September from August.

Limited inventory of new and existing homes for sale, solid job creation and low interest rates are fueling demand, according to NAHB chief economist Robert Dietz.

While tight inventory remains a challenge in many areas of the country, the good news is that home loan rates continue to hover in historically low territory. This is helping offset home price increases due to limited supply, and providing great opportunities for people looking to purchase or refinance.

If you have any questions about home loan rates or loan types, please don’t hesitate to contact UCCU Mortgages at (801) 223-7640.

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9 Ways to Re-Energize Yourself


Are you feeling tired and run down? Do you feel like the only way to recharge is by having a week long vacation at the beach? We all get run down at times, but if we don’t take time to … Continue reading

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How to Find Satisfaction in Life


Healthy relationships are key to leading a satisfying life and achieving long-term happiness. That’s the insight from the Harvard Study of Adult Development, the largest, longest running study of adult development in history. Since 1938, researchers have been surveying participants every two years on the quality of their marriages, job satisfaction and social activities. Participating subjects’ physical health was tracked every five years.

In his popular TED Talk, Robert Waldinger, psychiatrist and fourth director overseeing the Harvard study, says the long-running study has consistently shown people who fare best in terms of overall health, longevity and happiness are those who have solid relationships with family, friends and community. Additionally, those with consistently high-conflict relationships actually fare worse in each category than those with fewer but more stable relationships.

With that in mind, here are a few simple ideas for building healthier, long-lasting relationships:

Trade FaceTime for face time. Technology has promised to connect us, and it does in many ways, but it can also hinder intimacy. Setting a few limits on tech, so you can truly connect with loved ones, is important.

Ask yourself one question. Whenever you have an important decision to make, ask yourself, “Is this good for my relationships?” For example, a better job may be financially good for you and your family, but it could take a heavy toll on your time, putting your relationships in the back seat. Consider this question carefully to help you clarify even the most difficult of decisions.

Friends and family in need. It’s important to communicate with loved ones who are elderly, in poor health or those you haven’t spoken with in a long time. You don’t have to give advice or do anything to “fix” situations. Showing up says enough. If physical distance is an issue, try calling rather than texting, emailing or using social media. Your voice can convey much more than an electronic communication.

Like a good neighbor. Whether you volunteer for a school or non-profit, mentor someone, or regularly attend a place of worship or other civic organization. Community organizations can be an important relationship source and help you develop bonds that fulfill you, while serving others.

Investing in your best “future self” means spending time where it will benefit you the most. And today, even science says our relationships pay the longest lasting dividends.

Sources: Business Insider, TED, Reader’s Digest

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President's Message September 2016


UCCU Financial Center: Building for the Future

The new building, the UCCU Financial Center, at Lehi Point is open. Management and the Board of Directors of the credit union have planned very carefully for the future needs of the credit union and its members and are taking full advantage of this location. Several floors of the new center will be leased out to other businesses until we grow into them. Office space is in high demand at “Silicon Slope” and the interim lease income will benefit the members.  The old Lehi office located near Smith’s in north Lehi has moved into the 1st floor of the UCCU Financial Center.

Credit Union membership continues to grow at rates well above the national average. Utah County continues to rank among the fastest growing counties in the nation and the credit union is committed to building and preparing for the future.

60 Years ago, we opened our doors on the BYU campus. This new UCCU Financial Center marks our 18th office location in a network of branches serving the current membership of over 130,000. The credit union surpassed the $1 Billion dollar asset mark last year.

As we build on the shoulders of those that came before us, we look forward to a bright future for UCCU. Here’s to 60 years and to you, the members that make up this great financial institution, and to the wonderful employees that work daily to inspiring smart financial decisions.



Jeff Sermon

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6.0% to Celebrate 60 Years


At Utah Community Credit Union we are proud of our beginnings. If you haven’t heard by now, we are celebrating our 60th anniversary this year, and everyone in our community is invited to the party!

This isn’t a party with balloons and streamers. Better yet, our celebrations include gifts that keep on giving! Starting September 1st, and through the end of the year, UCCU’s Visa Credit Cards will offer a base rate starting at 6.0%*.

While everyone else has high interest rate credit cards, come celebrate our anniversary by taking advantage of this great rate!

*Credit card variable Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is based on the Prime Rate published in the Money Rates column of the Wall Street Journal. We will use the most recent index value available as of the 15th day of the month prior to any rate adjustment. If the index value is not already rounded we then round up to the next .25%. To determine the annual percentage rate that will apply to your account, we add a 2.5% margin to the value of the Index. Limited time offer. Federally insured by NCUA.
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