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Do you ever wish you could discuss your business challenges with a person who has real-world business experience? Do you want to tackle your issues armed with advice from someone who is familiar with your field, not just a good friend or random acquaintance? does exactly that. This website offers free business mentoring and education in over 60 industries.

Working on a business plan. can help provide personalized business help.

SCORE is a nonprofit association dedicated to helping small businesses launch and achieve their goals. The website is easy to use, with a clear search function for business questions. Users can search for mentors by area of expertise or industry, from accommodation and food services to waste management and more. You can choose the area for which you’re seeking assistance, such as accounting and budgeting or tax planning and technology. Mentors are available for face-to-face meetings, email questions or video conferences. also offers workshops and live webinars in a range of topics. Expert speakers offer insight on the latest business strategies and answer questions from participants. Workshops are offered on everything from e-commerce and SEO to nonprofit planning and cyber security. You can also search the archive of recorded seminars by topic.

Aside from the standard search parameters — by industry, location or keyword — there is also an option catering to specialized groups, such as women entrepreneurs or veteran-owned businesses. Users can narrow their search by business stage, from pre-start to already in business.

The library on is chock full of useful advice, with an easy to browse functionality. It offers e-guides, templates, infographics and videos. In just five minutes on the site, entrepreneurs can read an article on “understanding business credit” and view a template for a pricing strategy worksheet.

Score volunteer mentors all have practical business experience. In addition, provides a Mentoring Methodology Training program to certify each of their mentors and provide them with valuable tools and methods to help equip others for success.

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Tomorrow's Millionaires: Don't Bust the Budget!

Girl Shopping Facebook

This challenging activity is the perfect way to constructively fill those bitterly cold winter weekends.

Did you ever wish there was some way to get your fashion-conscious 11-year-old to realize all those things she’s asking you for actually cost money? Try this activity with your child this weekend, and your wish will be granted!

Take your child on a trip to the mall and give her a task: She can purchase a specific item she’s been asking for (a new pair of boots, a gym bag, etc.) with a set amount of cash. She cannot spend a penny more than that amount, and cannot ask you for that item again this season. Tell your preteen that you’re only going to accompany him around the mall – you will not tell him which store to choose for making the purchase, or which item to buy. As an added bonus, allow your child to keep any change left after buying the item. The freedom to spend as he pleases will thrill your child, and the offer to keep the change will motivate him to spend as little as possible.

On the way to the mall, give your preteen a quick briefing on what to look out for when choosing the item – things like quality, overpriced brand-name merchandise, hiked-up seasonal items, etc.

Then, as promised, keep your mouth closed as you accompany your child around the mall and watch in amazement as he learns invaluable lifetime skills such as comparison-shopping, saving, peer pressure and more. It all happens in one productive afternoon at the mall!

Your Turn: Have you given your child a budget for a specific item and then watched with pride as he or she carefully calculated every penny to make the perfect choice? Share your success (or your own lessons learned) with us!

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System Upgrade 2017


For two years, Utah Community Credit Union has been preparing for a computer system upgrade that will make online banking faster and easier. The release is just around the corner.

On April 3rd, 2017, we will be rolling out a new system upgrade which will change the way you do online banking! The new system will help you centralize your accounts under one login, making it easier for you to manage your products with us.

The upgrade includes other benefits like transaction auto-categorization, which will make budgeting easier. It will also allow members to utilize the simplicity of TouchID to login on compatible devices. And that’s only the beginning!

“It’s a very exciting time for UCCU,” said UCCU President/CEO Jeff Sermon.

For more information about the system upgrade, and to stay informed, visit

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Making the Holidays with UCCU

UCCU is constantly looking for ways to usher in the spirit of the holidays and help spread the cheer! Read on for three of our favorite ways to celebrate this holiday season.

The Giving Tree
This holiday season, Utah Community Credit Union is sponsoring The Giving Tree, by United Way of Utah County. You will be able to stop by any of our locations and draw a name from the tree of a local family or kid who need your help to have a Christmas this year. “UCCU has been a proud sponsor of The Giving Tree for many years,” said Jeff Sermon, UCCU President. “It’s the perfect opportunity to give to those in need in our community and we’re grateful to everyone who participates.”

What better way to usher in the spirit of the holidays than by helping spread the cheer!

The Giving Tree is open to everyone and includes specific requests, making it easy to find the right gift for anyone you choose. UCCU will deliver the gifts to each recipient before Christmas Eve.

Be sure to keep an eye out for names on our Christmas trees!

Returning this holiday season, UCCU is proud to offer its members a chance to SKIP-A-PAYMENT. Our members are given the opportunity to skip a loan payment in either November, December 2016 or January 2017. Pay $25 per eligible skipped loan, then don’t worry about that month’s payment! It’s a great way to make shopping for the holidays easier, without any financial burdens.

Stop by any branch, or call 801-223-8188 to skip your payment today!

6.0% Credit Card
Don’t drag your feet anymore! UCCU’s 60th anniversary 6.0% credit card is only available until the end of this year. Stop by your local branch today to get take advantage of this great rate!

Visit for details!

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9 Ways to Re-Energize Yourself


Are you feeling tired and run down? Do you feel like the only way to recharge is by having a week long vacation at the beach? We all get run down at times, but if we don’t take time to … Continue reading

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Back to School Tips


Coming out of summer break has never been easy. This year, as you prepare for back to school, consider a few things to help with the adjustments that come with it.

First, establish a routine. It’s normal for people to develop some bad habits over the summer break. Giving yourself (or your kids) a routine will help them get back in good habits. This is something you usually want to start a few weeks before school, but if you haven’t already established your routine, start now!  It’s better late than never.

Second, plan out meals and snacks. Having three meals a day is very important to most diets. Breakfast will help you start the day, and even help you wake up quicker. Lunch is a good way to give you a break in the middle of the day and can help you refocus. If you eat lunch earlier in the day, planning out an afternoon snack is a good thing. Make sure to keep healthy snacks in the house that aren’t too big or filling to keep your appetite for dinner! Dinner is important but don’t eat too late, or it will be harder to go to bed earlier.

Third, re-energize with naps. Occasionally naps will be needed to help you refocus and re-energize. There is such a thing as napping for too long. There are studies showing the benefits to power naps.

Whether your kids are starting grade school or you’re beginning a new year of college, having routines and schedules can help minimize the amount of stress associated with the start of a new school year. Plan accordingly so you can be ready for whatever the days have in store!

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Annual Chair Report 2016


UCCU is celebrating its 60th anniversary in 2016. It is an institution built to last and is based on enduring principles of thrift, honesty, conservative and steady growth, managed risk and people helping people.

During 2016 we will be telling the story of the rich heritage of UCCU. In 1956, seven BYU employees started UCCU with only $35 from their own pockets. Resources were scarce back then, but the credit union grew because it was a financial institution that valued people over profits. In his prayer at the dedication of the Stadium Branch in 1977, resident N. Eldon Tanner, a member of the first presidency of the LDS church, said, “We pray that those who are managing this organization may all be blessed with the ability, desire and determination to do what they do in the interests of those whom they serve, and that it may benefit those who contribute, who have their savings here, and who are depending on this organization to help them in time of need; that they may be honest and honorable and upright in every way in their dealings.”

2015 was one of the best years in UCCU’s history. UCCU exceeded the billion dollar mark in total assets—an annual increase of $110 million; and membership increased by 7,000, to 129,000. Loans to members grew over 25% for the year as members took advantage of
a strong economy and record low loan rates.

UCCU is a leader in the county as an issuer of mortgage loans, home equity loans and automobile loans which helps our members buy homes, cars and other necessary items. For the most part our members are using credit wisely and the credit union has programs
to provide members with additional services and tools to help them safely manage their money. UCCU has established mini branches in several area high schools and recently partnered with Utah Valley University to provide financial education and planning for students. UCCU continues to offer our “Be Money Smart” program to provide financial literacy experiences and education to our youngest members.

The excellent financial results for the year have contributed to a strong net worth capital ratio of 10.59%. This ratio is a measure of the capital strength of a credit union and reflects on the credit union’s ability to weather financial storms. UCCU is considered well
capitalized by NCUA, the credit union industry regulator, and by Bauer Financial, an independent entity that rates financial institutions. The conservative company gave us a five star superior rating and listed us on their Recommended Report which means we are considered a “safe, financially sound credit union, operating well above regulatory
capital requirements.”

In anticipation of reaching the next billion dollars, we are in the final stages of completing the 7 story UCCU Financial Center in the heart of the Lehi business district. The Lehi branch will occupy the main level, and we will lease out the upper floors until the space is needed. UCCU is also in the process of upgrading the computer system to support the growth in membership well into the future and provide a base for future technological developments.

UCCU management and employees are professional, experienced and courteous. They train for many hours to provide you with the best financial products and services in the industry. They contribute countless hours in community service providing income tax
preparation and other services that benefit those in need. UCCU continues to shine in the community and was once again voted #1 in the Best of Utah Valley poll.

It is UCCU’s mission and desire to be our members’ first choice for financial services and information. Any input and suggestions are always welcome as we strive to improve and serve our members.

I’m grateful I have had the opportunity to serve this past year as Chair of the Board of Directors and to work with the other members of the Board, the Supervisory Committee, the management team, and our great employees. I believe that this credit union is built on principles that will allow it to outlast the test of time. We have enjoyed membership in an institution that is 60 years old. I believe it will last another 60 years and beyond if we will continue to abide by those inspired dedicatory words, “that those who are managing this organization may all be blessed with the ability, desire and determination to do what they do in the interests of those whom they serve”.

Kim Jackson
Chair 2015-2016
Board of Directors

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UCCU Rated Among the Top 200 Healthiest Credit Unions 2015


UCCU has been given an A+ rating and is numbered among the Top 200 Healthiest Credit Unions of 2015 by Each year evaluates the financial health of each federally insured credit union in the United States – totaling more than 6,600. … Continue reading

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Shred Fest 2015!


Utah Community Credit Union is bringing you “Shred Fest 2015.” All members can bring personal documents to be shredded for free! Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to protect yourself from identity theft by safely destroying your personal documents … Continue reading

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Rollover Your IRA or 401k and Get $50!


Just a reminder, if you rollover your IRA or 401k Accounts today you will get a $50 gift. Visit us at our Riverwoods Branch or call us at 801.223.7502 for more information.  

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