What Can I Do About Robocalls?

Are you sick of grabbing your ringing phone five times a day only to find yet another robocaller on the other end?

If robocalls are getting to you, you’re not alone. Those super-annoying automatic calls have recently exploded, and it’s enough to make anyone go bonkers. More than 30 billion robocalls were made in the United States in 2017, and the Federal Trade Commission answered a whopping 375,000 complaints about robocalls each month.

Unfortunately, those numbers are only rising.

If you feel like your phone is ringing off the hook from robocalls and you’re just about ready to throw it against the wall, read on. We’ll give you the inside scoop on these dreaded calls and show you what you can do to put a stop to them once and for all.

How do they have my number?

Many people ask how so many businesses and scammers have their number. It’s because robocallers are becoming increasingly more sophisticated and the internet is making their job easier. Scammers and telemarketers can scrape almost anyone’s phone number off the web.

They might find it on your Facebook page, another social media platform you frequent, or even drag it off your business’s website.Robocallers also buy phone numbers from popular companies or websites that require visitors to log in by submitting some basic personal information that includes their landline and cellphone numbers.

Or, robocallers may simply be dialing thousands and thousands of numbers at random, with no rhyme or reason at all.

Who’s on the other end of the line?

Robocalls come in many forms. Sometimes they’ll be trying to sell you a product or urge you into signing up for a service. Other times, they’ll try to scam you by appearing to represent a government agency, like the IRS.

You might think no one’s buying the marketed product, or that whoever actually believes the robotic voice telling them they’re about to be arrested is super naïve. Remember, though, that even if just a few people agree to buy the product or are taken in by the scam, the minimal cost of running the calls is more than worth it for the person behind the calls.

Here’s how the robocalls take a stab at appearing authentic:

  • Spoofing. Using software, the robocaller can tweak the way their number shows up on caller ID. They can make it look like the IRS is on the phone, that your electric service company is calling you or like a representative from Apple is seeking you.

   Recently, scammers have been using neighbor-spoofing, in which their caller ID looks like a local number. This throws victims off and can help robocallers gain their misplaced trust. 

  • Disguised identity. Robocallers may also choose to appear mysterious and show up on your caller ID as “private number,” “unavailable” or “unknown.”

Steps you can take

Thankfully, you don’t have to be bombarded by those irksome calls for the rest of your life. Here are several steps you can take to keep most robocalls from reaching your landline or cellphone:

  1. Don’t answer calls from unfamiliar numbers – If you don’t recognize the number on your caller ID, let it go to voicemail. If the ID shows a local number or the name of a recognized company you have no reason to believe is calling you, ignore it as well.
  2. Block unwanted numbers – It’s time to get offensive and start intercepting those numbers before they reach your phone. First, if there’s any specific number that calls you persistently, use your phone to block it and you won’t have to hear from them again.Next, check with your phone service provider about possible technologies you can download to block anonymous calls or those from specific area codes. Some systems allow you to create your own blacklist of numbers that will be blocked or sent directly to voicemail. You can also create a “white list” of numbers you allow to go through and stop every other number from reaching you.You may also want to enlist the help of a robocall-blocking app that can offer you a stronger defense against unwanted calls. Here are some apps that provide this service along with their prices:
  • Nomorobo: 14-day free trial. $1.99/month or $19.99/year
  • RoboKiller: Free 7-day trial.  $2.99/month or $24.99/year
  • Hiya: Free. Hiya partners with Samsung, AT&T and T-Mobile and also has standalone apps.
  • TrueCaller: Free
  1. Require caller input – To keep all automatic calls from reaching your phone, you can set up a call-blocking technology, such as the Sentry Active Call Blocker, that greets all callers with a message requiring them to enter a number before the call can proceed. That’s something robots can’t yet do.
  2. Don’t share your number – Never share your phone number on your social media profiles or pages. If a business asks for your number, do not give it out unless you absolutely must.
  3. Sign up for the Do Not Call Registry – Visit www.donotcall.gov to add your landline and cellphone numbers to the list of registered callers who don’t want to be bothered by telemarketers. Scammers won’t pay much attention to this list, but law-abiding companies that ignore the listed numbers risk being fined and will usually abide by the registry’s rules. This service is free and your number will never be taken off the list.
  4. File a complaint – If you’ve signed up for the Do Not Call Registry and, after a month, you are still receiving robocalls from specific companies, file a complaint with the FTC at ftc.gov. When the agency receives enough complaints about a number, it will take action.If you’re constantly receiving unwanted calls from a known business after signing up for the Do Not Call Registry, you can file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

You don’t have to let those robocalls overtake your life. Take action today and reclaim your peace!

What’s your best defense against robocalls? Share your favorite tip with us in the comments.

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UCCU Provo Stadium Branch Moving

UCCU’s Stadium Branch in Provo is moving to Freedom Blvd in 2019!

PROVO, UT – Utah Community Credit Union (UCCU) has announced plans to begin construction on a new branch office in Provo, Utah.

Located at approximately 1535 North Freedom Blvd, the Provo Freedom Branch will feature the latest in digital banking convenience and education, three drive-up lanes, a 24-hour ATM, and convenient Saturday hours of operation.

“The Provo Freedom Branch is an exciting step in our evolution as a not-for-profit financial institution,” said Kimberley Henson, Chief Operations Officer for UCCU. “This branch will use the latest technology to offer our members an easy and carefully balanced experience of human interaction and technology.”

Construction on the Provo Freedom Branch is scheduled to begin this summer and be completed by fall of 2019. Upon completion, day-to-day operations will transfer to the Provo Freedom Branch from the credit union’s current Provo Stadium Branch office, located just north of LaVell Edwards Stadium.

“This new location is less than a mile from our Stadium office,” said Bret VanAusdal, UCCU President and CEO, “and we’re confident it will be much more convenient for the majority of our members living in central Provo.”

UCCU was founded on the campus of Brigham Young University in 1956, where it helped members for several years from a stair landing in the Harold R. Clark building. Growth eventually required the construction of the Stadium branch office in 1976 at which time the credit union changed its name from the BYU Federal Credit Union to Universal Campus Credit Union, or “UCCU” for short.

Today, UCCU is $1.3 billion in assets strong and serves over 170,000 members throughout Utah and around the world.

In addition to advanced digital media that will enhance the member experience, the new branch office will feature a timeline of UCCU’s history—from its humble beginnings on the stair landing of the BYU Harold R. Clark building to the present day.

Utah Community Credit Union is your dependable community partner offering the best rates, legendary service and a broad suite of innovative financial services that are available live or online.


PR Contact: Brad Norton
CMO, Utah Community Credit Union 801-223-7775

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Springtime Gardening Tips

There’s nothing quite like a garden in full bloom, but all that beauty takes work. Fortunately, it’s not that hard to turn your own yard into a botanical work of art.

Here’s how:

1.) Prepare your garden

Remove all weeds, making sure to pull out the roots. Next, revitalize the soil by adding fertilizer or compost.

2.) Determine sunlight exposure

Make sure you know exactly how much sunlight each area of your garden gets so that you can purchase the appropriate flowers for each spot. Observe your garden’s sun exposure throughout the day before choosing your seeds or plants.

3.) Pick your flowers

Before buying anything, consider these two factors:

1. Annuals vs perennials: there are advantages and disadvantages to both. Annuals only live for one season, but are typically cheaper and bloom all season long. Perennials last several years but have a shorter blooming life and are usually more expensive.

2. Variety will make your garden pop. For incredible results, diversify the colors, heights, and flower types throughout your garden. Plant climbing roses near a lower flower bed. Use a row of evergreens to create a darker backdrop for brilliantly colored flowers.

4.) Choose vegetable plants

Here are 4 easy-to-grow veggies to get you started:

1. Zucchini. The summer squash grows quickly and is simple to plant and care for.

2. Peas. Snap and snow peas take several months to grow. You can plant them early in the season, even before the soil is completely warm.

3. Tomatoes. Sweet cherry tomatoes grow quickly and will turn any salad into a gourmet dish. Choose an area that gets full sun exposure.

4. Cabbage. Cabbages hardly need any care; just be sure to use slug bait to keep those critters away.

5.) Plant!

Before you get started, check your seed packets for the best planting time in your region. Don’t plant too early or too late in the season. It’s also important to plan your garden in full detail before you start digging.

On the day of planting, your soil should be moist and prepared for seeding. When planting each seed or flower, first determine how far beneath the soil that particular plant needs to go. Then dig an appropriate hole and add fertilizer as per the package instructions. Incorporate the fertilizer into the soil. Next, place your seed or flower in the hole and fill the hole with soil. Lastly, add mulch to help ward off diseases and weeds.

6.) MaintenanceThe amount of water each flower needs for growth can differ greatly. Make sure every plant in your garden gets the right amount of water. Weed your garden regularly to keep it looking beautiful and always trim wilted, dead blossoms to allow new growth to form.

Your Turn: How does your garden grow? Share your best gardening tips, secrets, and advice with us in the comments!

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15 Incredible Grilling Hacks

Nothing says “summer’s coming” like the mouthwatering smell of a flaming barbecue blowing through the neighborhood. Whether you churn out the best burgers on the block from a modest charcoal grill or your Weber’s been squatting on your deck all winter, we’ve got you covered!

Here’s 15 genius grilling hacks that will take your  ‘cue to the next level. 

1. Use a muffin tray for condiments

This grilling season, skip the condiment chaos by keeping all your barbecue trimmings in one neat place: a muffin tray! The 12 sections are perfectly suited for housing your ketchup, mustard, relish, BBQ sauces, pickles, tomatoes and any other toppings to douse your hot dogs.  This also works great if you have several different basting sauces in use. Your guests will know exactly where to find anything they need, and best of all, you’ve only got one condiment serving dish to wash!

2. Clean with an onion

Isn’t it annoying when you’re ready to start grilling only to find that your grate is covered with caked-on gook? Grill cleanup is finally hassle-free with this hack!

The next time you use your grill, clean it while it’s still hot. Slice an onion in half, and use it to scrub the drippings and other gunk off your grill. It should come off easily. As a bonus, you’ll be giving your grill a tasty seasoning for your next barbecue.

3. Layer your grate for veggies

Grilled greens are delicious, but fishing out those slippery peppers and zucchini slices from the bottom of your grill isn’t all that fun. Have your grilled veggies and eat them too with this genius hack.

Use an old barbecue grate or purchase a spare one and place it across your existing grate before grilling vegetables. The grid should keep your veggies from slipping, while still giving you the flame-licked taste you savor.

Be sure to let this extra grate heat along with your grill grate so you get those awesome grill marks.

4. Vegetable parcels

If you like chunkier vegetables, try this hack. Wrap spiced sweet potato, potato or zucchini squares in foil and place it on the grill while you work on your entrees. After 10 minutes or so, you’ll have a delicious, healthful side dish! Tip: You can do this with any veggie.

5.  Use two skewers

Kebabs are fun to eat, but turning them can be tricky. Make it easier with this hack! Double your skewers per kebab so individual pieces of meat or chicken don’t rotate on their own as you flip the entire kebab.  Also, don’t forget to soak the skewers in water for 30 minutes before you start grilling!

6. Add a smoker to an electric grill

You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars for that sensational smoky flavor. Turn your electric grill into a smoker by wrapping some wood chips in foil, poking some holes in the parcel and tossing it on top of the grill’s burner and underneath the grate. Now get on with your grilling, being sure to keep the heat on medium-low. Your small parcel of wood chips will lend your food a hint of delicious smokiness!  

7. Check how much propane you have left before you start

You don’t want to run out of propane when you’ve still got food on the grill. Check the level in your tank with this hack: Tilt your tank a bit and pour boiling water on its side – but not on its top. Now feel your tank. The area where there is propane inside the tank will feel cool to the touch.

8. Smoke lemons

For an easy burst of flavor, halve some lemons and grill them on low heat for a few minutes, peel-side down. Your grate will pick up a terrific, citrusy flavor!

9. Spiral your hot dogs

Give your hot dogs a gourmet touch by cutting them into spirals. It’s easy to do: Skewer a hot dog and rotate it slowly as you cut it along its length. Spiraled hot dogs cook more evenly, give you lots of places for holding condiments, and most importantly, look super cool!

10. Out of time? Nuke it!

If you’ve got a craving for BBQ fare but you don’t have the time or patience to stand over the flames, cook your chicken in the microwave until it’s nearly ready, then throw it on the grill to give it a flaming finish!

11. Use a foil tent

To help your cooked meat retain its moisture and to distribute its juices evenly, let it rest under a loose foil tent for 10 minutes before serving.

12. Get your grill flaming fast

To get the heat going, use a chimney starter with your charcoal grill. You’ll be rewarded with a flaming hot fire – and fast!

13. Try some grilled cheese – literally

A BBQ is hardly the setting for grilled cheese, but just wait until your guests taste this! Throw a wheel of cheese directly on the grill and let it partially melt. Scoop it off the flames before it completely liquefies and then serve up the most delicious, gooey spread!

14. One long tong

Don’t bother with an assortment of grilling tools. All you need is one extra-long pair of tongs. They’ll allow you to flip your food without poking holes in it (which also dries it out). You can also use an old pair of tongs to shift your coals around and/or lift your grates.

15. Use all the heat!

Your grill will usually stay warm for a while after you’re done cooking. Don’t let that heat go to waste! Instead, pile your grate with any foods that need to stay warm, toast your buns over the fire, or even throw on some foil-wrapped s’mores for a delectable dessert! 

Your Turn: Got your own grilling hack? Share it with us in the comments!







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7 Things to Do Before Asking for a Raise

You know you deserve a salary raise. Here’s how to get your boss to agree:

  1. Volunteer for tasks that fall beyond your actual job responsibilities.
  2. Make yourself indispensable to the team by becoming an expert in a specific area.
  3. Take the initiative to acquire new skills in your field.
  4. Set up a meeting beforehand, specifying what you’d like to discuss.
  5. Make your request during your company’s best season.
  6. Bring proof of how much value you bring to the team and how you help increase the company’s bottom line, citing recent projects you’ve excelled at and increased levels of responsibilities.
  7. Be courteous and respectful without resorting to threats and ultimatums.

Your Turn: Have you recently received a raise? Share any proactive steps you took to make it happen!

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Sleep Deprivation – And Its Effects

Obviously, the potential downside for severe sleep deprivation is disastrous. But sleep deprivation hurts us in a myriad of other ways too – some more subtle than others. Lack of sleep can lead to the following problems:

  •  Decreased productivity at work.
  •  Increase in workplace errors.
  •  Workplace accidents and injuries.
  •  Increased irritability.
  •  Decreased energy.
  •  Depression.
  •  Decreased sex drive.
  •  Memory problems.
  •  Concentration problems.
  •  Difficulty managing financial affairs.

The problem is widespread. Most of us need about eight hours of sleep per 24-hour period. But more than 35% reported getting less than seven hours per night. Nearly half of Americans reported snoring – a major indicator of sleep apnea, which can cause sleep deprivation.

Nearly 40% of Americans reported falling asleep unintentionally during the day, at least once during the previous month. About one in 20, or 4.7% report falling asleep while driving – a problem that the U.S. Department of Transportation estimates to have caused 40,000 injuries and 1,550 deaths in traffic accidents each year.

Tips for Managing Sleep Issues

There are some easy things you can do to help improve your sleep patterns. According to the National Sleep Foundation:

1. Go to bed at the same time each day.

2. Wake up at the same time each day.

3. Keep up the habit, even on weekends.

4. Establish a relaxing bed-time routine.

5. Invest in a good mattress and good pillows.

6. Get computers, TV sets, work materials and other distractions out of the bedroom, which should be used only for sleep and intimacy.

7. Don’t eat a big meal or heavy snack right before bedtime. (Your heart will thank you for this too!)

8. Exercise.

9. Avoid caffeine near bedtime.

Severe, chronic sleep difficulty is a medical issue. If you are routinely getting too little sleep, and it affects your personal and professional life, talk to your doctor about your options. He or she may refer you to a sleep specialist.

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De-stressing After the Holidays

The holidays are just about over, and winding down is never easy.

Returning to the real life is a grind – and not everyone manages it well. For some, after a bumpy few days, they’re back on track. For others, the ‘blues’ set in, accompanied by a loss of appetite, feelings of wistfulness and homesickness. This often leads to a mild depression and sense of anxiety.

For those who can’t bounce back after the holidays, psychologists have devised various methods for coping. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

1.) Lazy last day

On the last day of the holiday vacation, we try to squeeze in as much as we can as the hours slip by. Therapists recommend doing just the opposite: Pull back on your schedule by engaging in calming activities that help your body return to your normal habits.

2.) Catch up on work

Reduce the stress of returning to piles of paperwork by contacting a co-worker who didn’t take off for the holidays. That person can fill you in on the important happenings during your absence and inform you of the most urgent assignments awaiting your return.

3.) Homesickness help

If you’ve been traveling during the holidays, it may be super-helpful for you to relive your holiday experiences – or not. For some, looking at photos of the holidays can be pleasant and soothing. For others, though, reliving memorable events can trigger feelings of anxiety and thwart any efforts to deal with the present.

4.) Calming techniques

A great way to decompress is to engage in yoga and breathing techniques. Taking deep inhalations and long exhalations encourages brain activity and stimulates effective blood circulation while soothing your inner soul. Deep breathing will help you transition from a state of exhilaration to a normal level of existence.

Meditation has also been proven to help reduce the stress of returning from a holiday.

5.) Jet lag

It’s no fun when your sleep-wake cycle is disrupted by jet lag. To minimize this effect, doctors advise travelers to get out into the sun as soon as possible upon disembarking. When the sunlight hits your eyes, it helps readjust the sleep-wake cycle.

Even if you haven’t flown anywhere, you may have similar symptoms from coming down from a heightened experience. A 15-minute walk in the sun can help you decompress.

6.) Physical exercise

Exercise releases endorphins which flood us with happy feelings while decreasing stress hormones. A win-win solution to the blues!

7.) Your next vacation

Some therapists suggest that planning your next vacation immediately can help you overcome the post-holiday blues.

Others disagree and encourage focusing on the present.

8.) Talk it out

If you’re still having difficulty re-entering your pre-holiday existence, have a heart-to-heart with a friend or relative. They can act as a sounding board, help you sort out your feelings, and offer solutions you may not have considered.


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12/1 Black Friday Loan Deals Winners

The following winners of the 12/1 daily random drawings have been notified via email. Please call (800) 453-8188 if you have any questions.

Auto 0.99% APR

  • Michelle W. – Salem
  • Michael T. – Lehi
  • Angela F. – Orem
  • Justin T. – Orem
  • Nathan W. – Springville

AUTO 1.99% APR

  • Mikaela B. – Star Valley Ranch
  • Chanieca M. – Springville
  • Christian H. – South Jordan
  • Elizabeth S. – Saratoga Springs
  • Stacy C. – Orem
  • Daniel D. – Orem
  • Ron D. – Provo
  • Adam P. – Heber City
  • Brett B. – Lehi
  • Joseph M. – Orem
  • Lorie B. – Alpine
  • Jordan W. – Santaquin
  • Lise H. – Lindon
  • Trinity O. – Lindon
  • Christopher K. – Elkridge
  • Tyler C. – Salt Lake City
  • Brett F. – Ogden
  • Judson G. – Provo
  • Melinda W. – Cedar Hills
  • Roberta B. – American Fork

AUTO No Payments for First Three Months

  • Jeff D. – Payson
  • Dustin R. – Sandy
  • Kyle A. – Orem
  • Marilyn J. – Delta
  • James C. – Alpine
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  • Karissa P. – Eagle Mountain
  • George R. – Salt Lake City
  • Stephen G. – Provo
  • Brady G. – Bluffdale
  • Bailey N. – Roy
  • Jordan J. – South Weber
  • Jennie H. – Lehi
  • Jordan O. – Provo
  • April W. – Spanish Fork
  • Monika M. – Payson
  • Dale L. – Heber City
  • Breanna O. – North Salt Lake
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  • Mark G. – Orem

Credit Card 3% Cash Back Balance Transfer

  • Fiston K. – Orem
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  • Cheryl G. – Pleasant Grove
  • Johnny P. – Ogden
  • Randall J. – Lindon
  • RaviShanker B. – Sandy
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  • Jeff M. – Sprinville
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  • Matthew K. – Eagle Mountain

Home Equity 0.99% APR Fixed for 6 Months, 4.50% Variable Thereafter

  • Marcene Z. – Mapleton
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  • Brian W. – Vineyard
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  • Audrey M. – Provo
  • Brad W. – Provo
  • Lana P. – Salem
  • Loni H. – Layton
  • Emily M. – Sandy
  • Karen B. – Santaquin
  • Jody H. – Mapleton
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Personal Loan 4.99% APR

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  • Marvena W. – West Jordan
  • Heather W. – Eagle Mountain
  • Kaylan C. – Logan
  • Jamie R. – Bluffdale
  • Eric A. – Orem
  • Elaine K. – Lehi
  • Cristie C. – Provo
  • Joseph A. – Provo
  • Wayne N. – Pleasant Grove
  • Tyler C. – Provo
  • Melanie H. – Elkridge
  • Robert M. – Payson
  • Darin T. – Midvale
  • Scott S. Orem
  • Douglas H. – Spanish Fork
  • Rameshbabu M. – Sandy
  • Maren A. – Provo

Mortgage Free Home Inspection

  • Tracy L. – Elkridge
  • Eve Y. – South Jordan
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  • Douglas P. – Provo
  • Claudia S. – Provo
  • Kiz L. – Springville

Mortgage $2500 RC Willey Shopping Spree

  • Roy S. – Springville
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11/30 Black Friday Loan Deals Winners

The following winners of the 11/30 daily random drawings have been notified via email. Please call (800) 453-8188 if you have any questions.

AUTO 1.99% APR

  • Jeff S. – Buford, GA
  • Brook P. – American Fork
  • Jennifer R. – Saratoga Springs
  • Bryce S. – Heber
  • Jacob G. – Orem
  • Jessica J. – Heber City
  • Roland A. – Saratoga Springs
  • Laura J. – Orem
  • Sarah T. – Pleasant Grove
  • Brittany R. – Midvale
  • Torri B. – Orem
  • Brent S. – Morgan
  • Conner D. – Orem
  • Tyler H. – Herriman
  • Danyelle H. – Fruit Heights
  • David W. – Tooele
  • Cindy B. – Lehi
  • Jessica P. – Orem
  • Vijay M. – South Jordan
  • Blaine W. – Pleasant Grove

AUTO No Payments for First Three Months

  • Steven M. – Provo
  • Greg J. – Spanish Fork
  • Emily S. – South Jordan
  • Derek M. – Orem
  • Kelly N. – Springville
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  • Jessica C. – Lehi
  • Rajeev K. – South Jordan
  • Ailana M. – Provo
  • Andrew M. – America Fork
  • Arturo D. – Pleasant Grove
  • Miranda I. – Lehi
  • Nakhorn C. – West Valley City
  • Julie M. – Orem
  • Roberto S. – Spanish Fork
  • Rebeca H. – Orem
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  • Jeremiah M. – Cedar Hills

Credit Card 3% Cash Back Balance Transfer

  • Colin H. – West Jordan
  • Jonny B. – Lindon
  • Brad S. – Spanish Fork
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  • John R. – Lehi
  • Eldon G. – West Valley City
  • Stephanie C. – Vineyard
  • Evelyn C. – Lehi
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  • Chad B. – Spanish Fork
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  • George B. – Orem
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  • Austin H. – Provo
  • Julie B. – Springville
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  • Yong S. – Herriman
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  • Elaine M. – Provo
  • Harley M. – Spanish Fork

Home Equity 0.99% APR Fixed for 6 Months, 4.50% Variable Thereafter

  • A-Hsuan S. – Orem
  • Patricia K. – Lindon
  • Wayne M. – American Fork
  • Mark S. – Mapleton
  • John E. – Lindon
  • Phillip N. – Highland
  • Taylor O. – North Salt Lake
  • John V. – West Jordan
  • Bryce M. – Herriman
  • Tonya M. – Lehi
  • Jeff H. – Orem
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  • Gary L. – Orem
  • Alma H. – Mapleton
  • Troy B. – Salem
  • Rob W. – Orem
  • Tayler L. – Bluffdale
  • Maria T. – Provo
  • Rosa S. – Orem
  • Jorden Y. – Orem
  • Robert F. – Salem
  • Sherol F. – Lindon
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  • Kortney S. – Stansbury
  • Howard S. – American Fork

Personal Loan 4.99% APR

  • John S. – Payson
  • Kirkham P. – Provo
  • Ward F. – Goshen
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  • Hani P. – Sandy
  • John P. – Sandy
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  • Jailyn E. – Saratoga Springs
  • Ashely N. – Lehi
  • Jessica S. – Orem
  • Kenyan G. – Provo
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  • Lorna L. – Provo
  • Karl P. – American Fork
  • Teresa W. – Rock Springs, WY
  • Madison B. – Lehi
  • Monica S. – Saratoga Springs
  • Carrie C. – Saratoga Springs
  • Guy L. – Provo
  • Denmark J. – Pleasant Grove
  • Maria C. – Provo
  • Sharon W. – Alpine

Mortgage Free Home Inspection

  • Bruce B. – Highland
  • Marguerite T. – Springville
  • Kristine P. – Spanish Fork
  • Margaret L. – Provo
  • Melanie M. – Salt Lake City
  • Manuel M. – Provo
  • Breanna O. – North Salt Lake
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11/29 Black Friday Loan Sale Winners

The following winners of the 11/29 daily random drawings have been notified via email. Please call (800) 453-8188 if you have any questions.

AUTO 1.99% APR

  • Travis Y. – Lehi
  • Doug G. – Eagle Mountain
  • Theron S. – Highland
  • Cadi H. – American Fork
  • Natasha L. – Pleasant Grove
  • Shane W. – Lindon
  • Emily B. – Provo
  • David O. – Orem
  • Brent C. – Mapleton
  • Michael T. – American Fork
  • Shari Y. – Spanish Fork
  • Steven F. – Provo
  • Paula A. – Orem
  • Jeff T. – Orem
  • Cameron W. – Springville
  • Mauri B. – Santaquin
  • Samantha W. – Orem
  • Aaron M. – Orem
  • Julie B. – Orem
  • Jenalyn E. – Highland

AUTO No Payments for First Three Months

  • Paul N. – Orem
  • Michael M. – Morgan
  • Camille T. – Layton
  • Curtis C. – American Fork
  • James L. – Wellsville
  • Blain B. – Heber City
  • Carl H. – Orem
  • Jacque J. – South Weber
  • Jacob P. – Provo
  • Adam C. – Provo
  • Erasmo F. – Eagle MOuntain
  • James H. – Saratoga Springs
  • Jared C. – Provo
  • Roee L. – Park City
  • Charles K. – Sandy
  • Andres S. – Orem
  • Rosy L. – Orem
  • David O. – Spanish Fork
  • Eduvijes P. – Heber City
  • Ricardo H. – Salt Lake City

Credit Card 3% Cash Back Balance Transfer

  • Addie W. – Overland Park
  • Sara S. – Midway
  • Scott L. – Vernal
  • Ethan W. – Orem
  • Devin M. – Orem
  • Jana J. – Pleasant Grove
  • Paula F. – Finchville
  • Connie C. – Payson
  • Larry B. – Orem
  • Andrew H. – Cedar Hills
  • Matthew R. – Bluffdale
  • Sam G. – Spanish Fork
  • Douglas L. – Provo
  • James S. – Orem
  • Andrew H. – Elkridge
  • Jaden W. – Herriman
  • Rogelio G. – Provo
  • Catherine H. – Derry
  • Aubrey J. – Nephi
  • Gera T. – Orem
  • Anthony Todd F. – Springville
  • Ross M. – Cedar Hills
  • Brandon C. – South Jordan
  • Franklin A. – Provo
  • Emma S. – Lehi

Home Equity 0.99% APR Fixed for 6 Months, 4.50% Variable Thereafter

  • Barbara S. – Woodland Hills
  • Ken G. – Orem
  • Melissa H. – Salem
  • Kyle M. – Provo
  • John M. – Springville
  • Louise H. – Orem
  • Daryl G. – Highland
  • Whitney V. – Provo
  • Perry C. – American Fork
  • Emily J. – Draper
  • Corin O. – Lehi
  • Ben K. – North Ogden
  • Lynette M. – Lehi
  • Scott M. – Orem
  • Naomi B. – Santaquin
  • Kammi P. – Eagle Mountain
  • Spencer P. – West Jordan
  • Lee F. – Lindon
  • Erin D. – Lehi
  • Joe T. – Provo
  • Sharon D. – Kamas
  • Kristina C. – Spanish Fork
  • Seth H. – Ogden
  • Rose B. – Provo
  • Monelynn H. – Salem

Personal Loan 4.99% APR

  • Nathan H. – Orem
  • Cory T. – Lehi
  • Connie R. – Saratoga Springs
  • Katrina S. – Payson
  • Demarie D. – Elkridge
  • Cindy G. – Provo
  • Jessica B. – Hollada
  • Sean S. – Lehi
  • Alison S. – Provo
  • Kathy C. – Payson
  • Carlos N. – Spanish Fork
  • Brent P. – Pleasant Grove
  • Sandra C. – Salt Lake City
  • Jose S. – Springville
  • Cherie J. – Provo
  • Thomasina T. – Orem
  • Jason C. – American Fork
  • Daron H. – Genola
  • Dan C. – Orem
  • Rolf P. – Spanish Fork
  • Kathy V. – Taylorsville
  • Jessie S. – Orem
  • Percy B. – Orem
  • Abby G. – Eagle Mountain
  • Steven W. – South Salt Lake

Mortgage Free Home Inspection

  • Claudia S. – Provo
  • Jayden W. – Eagle Mountain
  • Lucinda E. – Payson
  • Matthew B. – Saratoga Springs
  • Allison B. – Taylorsville
  • Saurabh P. – South Jordan
  • Greg H. – Pleasant Grove
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