Buyer Relax Auto – Why It's Good to Get Pre-Approved

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Buying a car can be stressful, that’s why at UCCU try to help you get the best deal and lowest rate possible. At UCCU Relax, we have useful tips and information for those who are buying a car, or a boat, or an RV. Read the  10 ESSENTIAL CAR BUYING TIPS  to help you through each part of the car buying process.

One of the best things to do, before even looking for a car, is to get pre-approved. It will save you the hassle of haggling at the dealership when you tell them right from the start what you can afford. Plus at UCCU we have the lowest rate—guaranteed. So you can shop with confidence.

Utah Community Credit Union makes buying a vehicle easy. We take pride in helping you with your vehicle purchase by offering low interest rates on all of our Auto Loans! Apply now!

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Stop by any UCCU branch or call our Auto Buying Experts at 801-223-UCCU and we’ll help you make an effective car-buying plan. We’ll also get you pre-approved for the lowest rate and review every transaction with you before you sign the deal.

*ANNUAL PERCENTAGE RATE (APR). Late payment fee is 5% of the payment due or $25.00, whichever is greater. Some restrictions apply. Rates, terms, and conditions are subject to change without notice. **84 month financing available for loan amounts over $20,000.


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Spinal Interventions

Chronic pain solutions and drug detoxification

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UCCU is proud to be the business banking partner for Spinal Interventions, a unique medical treatment center in Provo that provides advanced solutions for chronic pain.

Dr. Daniel Faber, founder of Spinal Interventions, first became a member of UCCU in 1977 while attending BYU (when the credit union was still known as Universal Campus Credit Union).

Today, over 35 years later, the financial relationship is still going strong. We sat down with the doctors at Spinal Interventions to discuss their approach to treating chronic pain. “There are many effective modalities available for chronic pain of all types,” said Dr. Daniel Faber, founder of Spinal Interventions.
“We focus on non-surgical and non-narcotic solutions.”

While prescription narcotics often provide short-term relief from physical pain, addiction and dependence can be an unintended long-term consequence. The doctors and nurses at Spinal Interventions work closely with patients to develop chronic pain solutions that are both effective and drug-free. Modalities include physical therapy, cognitive therapy, and multiple types of injection techniques.

Spinal Interventions also offers drug detoxification services. “Our goal is to truly understand what our patients are suffering from,” explained Dr. Faber, “and provide treatments that can really help them manage and overcome their pain.”UCCU is thankful to have these dedicated professionals working to improve the quality of life for those who suffer in our community.

To learn more, visit

Spinal Interventions 280 W River Park Dr.
Suite 200
Provo, UT 84604

With over 60 years combined experience serving businesses of
all sizes, the UCCU Commercial Lending Group is ready to help
your business succeed.
801.223.7620 |
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Lower Your Home Equity Payment Today

Consolidate your debt into one loan with one low payment.

With UCCU’s new Low Payment Calculation, you can consolidate your debt into one loan and one really low payment! No-fee home equity lines of credit–with Low Payment Calculation–available right now at UCCU. Only 1.99% Fixed APR for nine months, then 3.74% Variable APR thereafter.

For more information visit or call us at 801.223.7650

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Black Friday Loan Sale 2014

How the Black Friday Loan Sale Works

UCCU’s Black Friday Loan Sale is almost here! On Friday, November 28th and Monday, December 1st at Midnight head to and enter your name, phone number and e-mail address and then select which deals you would like to lock in. You will then receive a confirmation e-mail with a personalized promo code that will allow you to redeem your deals in one of our 18 conveniently located branches.

For questions or more information visit or call 801-2238188

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Mortgage Questions? Just Call Steve

Although we live in a fast-paced, technologically-minded world, you can still just call 801-223-7640 and ask for Steve. Steve Hart has been with UCCU for over 26 years and his official title is UCCU Mortgage Leads Manager. If you have a question about mortgages, you can still talk to an actual live person instead of a recording.

When you are trying to find the home of your dreams it takes a lot of work and a lot of patience. We now offer every type of loan out there and that’s why we have Steve Hart to help you find the loan to fit your needs.

Apply now online at and get pre-approved in as little as 20 minutes! We also have other resources in our Mortgage Center such as our mortgage calculator, rate watch notifications, tips and information on closing your mortgage, and a glossary with helpful terms and information.

UCCU … Inspiring Smart Decisions

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President's Message October 2014


  LOW PAYMENT CONSOLIDATION PLAN Many people need breathing room when it comes to keeping monthly loan payments low – especially during the holiday season. The credit union has created a new home equity program designed to keep payments low … Continue reading

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Finding the Right Home – Utah Home Buzz


Utah Home Buzz in partnership with UCCU is your one-stop-shop for buying and selling properties all across the state. Their skilled Real Estate experts specialize in helping buyers and sellers in your area. The website contains ALL listings from ALL Real Estate … Continue reading

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Market Rates on the Rise


Housing rates continue to rise due to a number of economic changes. The market is beginning to recover from the housing crash of 2007 and homeowners are starting to see a silver lining. According to Quicken Loans VP Bill Banfield, the increases in housing … Continue reading

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Rates Spur Refinances as Buying Season Begins


In early June, rates for 30-year fixed home loans were at their lowest in seven months, according to Freddie Mac. Rates had been on the decline for five weeks straight before hitting this year’s lowest yet. The window of opportunity … Continue reading

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President’s Message July 2014


Americans are using smartphones, tablets, and mobile browsers to access the Internet more than using a computer. To help you manage your money easily and efficiently, we recently launched a redesign of the UCCU Mobile app. The new mobile app … Continue reading

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